How to clean an oven with oven cleaner

How to clean an oven with oven cleaner

Nowadays oven cleaning has a lot of ways, some oven has its self-cleaning function where others could be cleaned by DIY (do it yourself) kitchen hacks of products from the kitchen cupboard. But you may think of not convinced with self-cleaning function or DIY (do it yourself) cleaning agents, rather you may think of a store-bought cleaning agent. Store-bought oven cleaner works with agility and effectively but they most often contain inorganic chemicals which could be limitedly harmful to you in case of direct contact, but there remain many eco-friendly cleaners also. There are hundreds of cleaning agents in super shops around the world in your proximity with different price, quality, detergent chemicals, unique features, and functional & operational specialization. Today we’ll discuss over cleaning oven with oven cleaner.


All we need with us in this cleaning process is Ø Your choice of oven cleaner

Ø Dishwashing detergent soap

Ø Adequate Water

Ø Hand gloves or rubber gloves

Ø Safety glass mask for prevention of spray injury

Ø Air mask for prevention of spray chemical inhaling

Ø A sponge or cleaning cloth

Ø A flat-edged scraper or spatula

Ø Hard bristle brush

Ø Old newspaper or towel

Ø Paper towels

Ø Bucket or bowl

Ø Vacuum cleaner (optional)

How to clean an oven with oven cleaner 1

For our better understanding, we’ll break the entire process with a few homogenous steps, they could be described as,

Step 1: Choosing an appropriate oven cleaner for you

Depending on various poll, editor’s choice and market acceptance few of the oven cleaner could be named as Flash and Method, Cif (previously Jif), Puracy, Mr. Muscle, ALDI Powerforce, OzKleen, Fit, Mr. Clean, Napisan, HG Greaseaway etc. are the brands with their own supremacy as well as specialized cleaning category. They are readily available in different super shops, mini-mart, and stores or online in amazon, MySupermarket, Honestbee, Fresh direct, Walmart Grocery, etc. Depending on individual differences some pound over heavy-duty, some overprice or affordability, some over easiness of use, some over natural ingredients, some on specialty over stains and grease and many more. Whatever the brand claims or some reference opinions the ultimate choice depends on your bundled preferences in decision making but you should pay paramount consideration to “safety first” in your decision making variables bundle. So we will advise the old proverb of “practice make a man perfect”, accordingly you can learn best from your experience and misdeeds.

Step 2: Dislodge all removable and wipe off grime and grease from the oven interior

Switch off the electric connection of the oven and remove all removable from inside the oven, like, oven racks, temperature gauges, pizza stones, foil, and anything else. They could be washed separately and reinstalled again after cleaning of oven interior and oven door. Now wipe off all leftover food particles, burnt out the dripping residue of grim and grease with a towel as much as possible since it is a prerequisite to all oven cleaning. If there remains any sticky chunk in any part of the oven or any stubborn stains you can use a flat-edged spatula to loosen it with a bit of extra effort but don’t show off your muscle power.

Step 3: Spritz the oven interior with oven cleaner

Read the oven cleaner instructions on the bottle thoroughly and put on hand gloves and protective glasses and air masks to be ready for the operation. Now spray inside the oven interior and saturate it all over adequately with special concentration to a specific greased area or stinky stain. 

Step 4: Rest the cleaner to work and wipe the grime thereafter

Now rest the cleaner sit for approximately 25 to 30 minutes or as prescribed into the cleaning bottle directions. On the other hand, clean the oven racks in a large bowl or bathtub by submerging it into a light warm soapy liquid for 30 minutes approximately. After 30 minutes wipe off the oven interior and glass door inside with a warm damp dish towel or cloth, do the wiping repeatedly unless it is desirably tidy, use an extra towel if needed. If there is a stinky stubborn stain you can rub well with a scouring pad or repeat the process once again to the stained area. Again rinse off the oven racks from its soapy bath and put it back to its position. Now enjoy your tidy, shiny oven and don’t forget to clean it regularly in a routine.

Oven deodorizing

Usually, store-bought cleaners are loaded with different scent flavor for deodorizing ovens, so it is not that compulsory to use any deodorizer, but if you wish you may use your choice of deodorizer. On the other hand if you don’t prefer any deodorizing scent into the oven first left the oven door open in a well ventilate kitchen with the kitchen door and window open and let the smell off. If you are still not satisfied to use a small bowl half-filled with 1:2 vinegar-water mixture and let it rest for a while to overpower the prevailing smell. Or you can fill a bowl halfway with water and add 1 tsp of baking soda into it, make it sure to empty the bowl half to give enough room for the baking soda to fizz up.

Tips, Tricks and Safety measures

Spread some old newspapers or rags or towels close to the oven since cleaning detergent and water spillover can make the area wet and vulnerable to slip. You will also get rid of untidiness since you can throw out the paper after cleaning or wash the rags or towels separately.

Ø Use hand gloves to protect your skin from detergent allergy or irritation.

Ø Wear a protective glass since the wind can back your spray to your eyes.

Ø Keep children and pets away while cleaning.

Ø Store the oven cleaner to somewhere safe from children and pets.                                                                                       

Ø If you use your oven too frequently then set a reminder to clean it monthly, but if you use hardly a few times monthly then you can plan to clean it at best every after 3-4 months.

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