The easiest way to clean an oven

The easiest way to clean an oven

An oven is the master appliance of the kitchen and all other appliances are its’ subject. This queen certainly deserves attention from you as you’ve conquest numerous culinary battles every day and every special day. In this conquest whenever you enjoy the smile of victory your beloved kitchen accompanies you but with exhaustion, with a torn gesture from cooking spoilages like wounds.

When you and your beloved oven is busy with heaps of baking, roasting, grilling and convection cooking loads your oven gets smudged and greasy into the bottom and all over inside with spills over of dishes, bubbling and bursting oils, slithered food particles, fossilized sugar or syrup, etc.

This spoilage of grease, sludge, and burned food turned into carbon and causing strong odor hampers the cooking quality and extends the probability of fire hazard. So invariably oven cleaning is a significant chore to maintain the overall function ability of the entire kitchen and the overall cooking process. Despite its importance, all of we are not much comfortable about cleaning oven rather most of we are reluctant about this and forget it unless and until the small drops make the big ocean, means, unless the oven is too grimy and greasy with tons of dirt’s has made it distorted.

Some oven has an auto cleaning option while others have to be cleaned manually. Every option has some well and woe and competitive advantages over another. Even there are some simple yet highly effective household hacks to aid you in oven cleaning with minimal cost & effort but with high precision. All we have to do is to take the initiative and be convinced and committed to the work. You will have to arrange all the tools & tricks along with all essentials to start the operation by getting off sloth. You are also needed to make and follow an oven cleaning routine along with the overall kitchen cleaning chores. Thus we could come out from the habit of avoidance of cleaning oven and develop the habit of cleaning the oven regularly. We could choose an option among several cleaning methodologies in solo or combine or in rotation. Once we start it soon it will motivate us in cleaning regularly and shift our focus from reducing time, cost and effort to perfect cleaning.

Oven cleaning could be broadly divided into two main categories, one is Automatic and another one is Manual. Automatic ovens cleaning is a feature of cleaning the oven by reducing the grime and grease to carbon ash with the high temperature running (approximately 800 to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit). While manual cleaning is cleaning oven with bare hands with tools and cleaning agents of commercial or DIY (do it yourself) natural cleaning with ingredients available in our kitchen cupboards.

Altogether different cleaning methodology could be stated as,

Ø (Automatic)

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Ø (Manual)

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§ Clean oven with vinegar and dawn or homemade oven cleaner with dawn by baking soda, Dawn dish soap, lemon juice, and vinegar.

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