How to clean an oven quickly

How to clean an oven quickly

Among all the kitchen appliances oven is the queen of all. More precisely it is the nucleus of the entire cooking process of the kitchen and the rest buddies of gadgets & appliances are the instruments of your orchestra where you tune your culinary symphony. You and your oven spend hours together in preparing tons of cooking loads of baking, roasting, grilling and so on for you and your family round the year. While doing all these dishes your oven bottom gets grimy and greasy with spills over of dishes, bubbling and bursting oils or cheese, slipped food particles etc. This internal grease, sludgy silting and overcooked heaped up food turn into carbon and cause strong burning odor during cooking and eventually it hampers the health and quality of cooking food and augments the probability of fire hazard.

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We know it very well that caring for our loving one strengthens the bondage between the two. This is not an exception to our beloved oven, they also expect our attention.  But do we really care for them? Hardly could we answer positive. All of us like a tidy & shiny oven but very few of us like to do the cleaning task by our own. Many find the job messy and monotonous so they try to avoid the chore. Actually most of us notice the messiness when it is flooded with hefty greases and grimes forgetting the old proverb “little drops make the mighty ocean”. The golden rule of tidy shiny oven is cleaning it lightly after everyday cooking and cleaning it thoroughly once in a week even though it sounds too tedious to you. Once you put this chore into your habit it will be not as boring as the first day.

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Though some oven has an auto cleaning option yet it has some pitfalls and sometimes it is not that effective in case of too grimy and greasy oven. There are some common household hacks that could relieve you from the headache of oven cleaning with minimal cost and effort. If we could make and follow a routine of cleaning then soon we could replace our habit of avoidance of cleaning oven from our mind and develop a habit of cleaning the oven regularly. Moreover, once we are convinced with any kitchen hacks of cleaning with minimum cost and effort it will motivate us in cleaning regularly and shift our focus from reducing time, cost and effort to perfect cleaning.

Now let’s tighten our seat belt and get ready to jump into action. We assume to clean our oven with our bare hands with tools and cleaning agents all available in our kitchen shelf switching off self-cleaning technology of the oven. Our entire process could be broken into number of connecting steps, our steps could be started as,

Choosing an appropriate cleaning agent:

There are hundreds of cleaning agents in super shops with difference in price and quality and detergent chemical medium and different specialization. Depending on various poll, editor’s choice and market acceptance Flash and Method, Cif (previously Jif), Puracy, Mr. Muscle, ALDI Powerforce, OzKleen, Fit, Mr. Clean, Napisan, HG Greaseaway etc. etc. are the brands with their own supremacy in universal as well as specialized cleaning category. They are readily available in different super shops, mini mart and stores or online in amazon, MySupermarket, Honestbee, Fresh direct, Walmart Grocery etc. etc. Some pound over heavy duty, some over price or affordability, some over easiness of use, some over natural ingredients, some on natural ingredients, some on specialty over stains and grease and many more. Whatever the brand claims or some reference opinions the ultimate choice depends on your bundled preferences in decision making but you should pay paramount consideration to “safety first” in your decision making variables bundle. If you add eco friendliness as another decision criteria along with this that would be a fantastic and futuristic rational idea. If you cannot match between quality and price then you can go for any organic do it yourself formula from the net or from some benevolent, surely that wouldn’t be any decision for which you have to be repent for.

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Apart from this we could have our own formula of self-made cleaning agent from anything available in our reach, we could go to our kitchen cupboards for a “do it yourself (DIY)” cleaning agent formulation. We are considering baking soda and vinegar or lemon juice and water in combination to clean out our oven for a natural option; and if we could manage any safe, high quality and fast action cleaner from store that would be a boon. Even we can use a combination of all baking soda, Dawn dish soap, lemon juice and vinegar.

It’s true that it is tough enough to pick a suitable one for you from this ocean of choices. But whatever and however you choose any brand or any combination of your DIY cleaning agent you must be convinced and motivated about its effectiveness and only focus onto put your entire effort in cleaning.

Timing of cleaning an oven

How much time does an oven cleaning take place is a big question and one of the demanding question of many. As discussed above most of we are reluctant about oven cleaning by our own so that we are a little bit concerned about timing of entire cleaning process. Since we spend our valuable time in this tedious chore we are eager to know how long we have to put ourselves aloof from our leisure and pleasure or how often we could get rid of this monotony. Our humble advice in this regard is please centralize your focus from “cleaning correctly” to “cleaning fast”. Even though if you could not put your mind off regarding the question of timing of cleaning then we could affirm you the cleaning time variable depends on dirtiness of your oven or how often you do your routine cleaning work of your oven. But whatever the situation generally it will at best 30 to 60 minutes of your active time on an average. But you may require to give your cleaning agent some time to rest for action depending on the medium of cleaning agent, depending on differences it may take 30 minutes to at best 12 hours in total.

Jump into action with your cleaning detergent and your bare hand

Step 1: Switch off your oven and unplug its’ electric cable connection for safety. During cleaning process you will be applying liquid cleaning agents obviously which is conductive so precautionary action of detaching oven from electricity must be taken.

Step2: Remove the racks and all detachable from inside the oven for the ease of actions. Most importantly the oven rack and bottom tray should be removed first. Other things like pizza stones, foil, temperature gauges, and anything else that can be removed should be before you start the cleaning process. Put them aside for cleaning them later and get way to the cave of oven free for your hands easy to see while cleaning.

Step 3: Put on gloves and apron and arrange all relevant accessories like scrubber, spong, tray, detergent, brush, patting towel etc. within your reach and go for action.

How to clean oven racks

Oven racks get most contact with the cooking food, while roasting or grilling or baking the food may stick to them and because of their grilling vents burnt food stuck to them or oil grease reach all way to the rounded grills making stains. That’s why oven racks are prune to be too messy and difficult to be cleaned. The best way to clean racks is soaking them into cleaning detergent first but the dilemma is that most of the cases the grill is oversized for the sink. So that they could be washed into bathtub or any tray available to you to submerge into detergent liquid mixture. For this reason if you have a bathtub you may soak your racks into a bubble bath in warm, soapy water for a while, depending on the dirt you may leave them at least 10 minutes to at best 30 minutes. After that you should pull off the rack from the soaked bath and scrub with scouring pador Brillo pad or cleaning brush thoroughly. Hopefully this will remove all the burnt stain mark. Finally they must be rinsed properly and dried with a clean dry cloth or towel to bring its glowing shine.

But if the stains are stubborn enough to be removed by first stage of action then there should be no other way but to use non-biological heavy duty stain remover, there are many renowned and famous brands like Method Heavy Duty Kitchen Degreaser, Easy-Off, Napisan, Astonish etc. In this case the soaking should be longer, now it should be at least 60 minutes. Finally the racks should be scrubbed well, rinsed well and shined up by drying up them.

How to clean oven glass or how to clean an oven door

An oven glass door cleaning has three layer cleaning chore – Outside glass door cleaning, inside glass door cleaning and cleaning between the glasses, the third one requires some tricky expertise. Actually overall oven door glass cleaning is an awkward task since it is sensitive and requires careful attention while cleaning. Specially cleaning in-between the glass door requires careful attention unless the warranty may be void or it may hamper the protecting rubber seal to be intact. So carefully a suitable cleaner should be selected in a mind that it will not affect the rubber seal and its effectiveness.

Considering all these facts we could think of completing the task three phases.

Phase 1: Cleaning glass oven door from outside

The steel element of the outer surface could be the same way as the reset of the steel parts of the oven by rubbing with a detergent wet sponge or spraying the detergent and streak out with a dry linen cloth or paper towel to remove the grim and grease if any. Usually the outside glass door is not as grimy as inside wall of the glass door. Some prefer to use glass cleaner spraying into the glass section but it should be noted that glass cleaning is the trickiest part of the job and follow some rule unless the glass may look gloomy. The rule is as follow,

  • One should spray the cleaner on the outside of the oven door in one hand and use downward strokes to wipe the cleaner and dirt together with a microfiber cloth.
  • Repeat it if needed but please don’t do the action of downward strokes and upward strokes simultaneously otherwise it will make your glass cloudy.
  • The microfiber cloth should be dry to elevate any appearance out of the glass.

Phase 2: Cleaning glass oven door from inside

Definitely the inside of your oven door is a bit more challenging since it is affected by bubbly oil or other food stuff while cooking and get grimier and greasier than front side of glass door. You will be needed ½ cup baking soda, 44 m.l water, a small to medium sized bowl, microfiber cloths and an optional razor blade. The door should be opened first and wiped off any loose grim and grease with a damp microfiber cloth primarily. Into the separate bowl add the soda and pour water slowly to make a paste with about the consistency of shaving cream, it shouldn’t be runny as well as shouldn’t be clumpy. Spread the foam inside the oven door and let this sit for 20-30 minutes and after that wipe the past away with the micro-fiber cloth to remove the past away. If still some junk or stain remains follow the process once again. For any stuck-on junks use the razor blade to carefully and smoothly scrape it away.

Phase 3: Cleaning glass oven door between the glass doors

After getting the inside of the oven’s glass door cleaned you should concentrate into the middle section of the glass doors. You will be lucky enough if it is clean inside but if your luck doesn’t favor you and you observe dirt stuck inside that’s the most annoying part. If it is so you have to tighten your belt, take a long breath and roll your sleeves to work with your few hardware tools to get inside to clean the glass. But doing so you have to go through your oven’s user manual thoroughly and take any expert opinion in online or physical. And also you have to check warranty clauses minutely to avoid any warranty void conditions.

Now all that you are required to have in this expedition is that you will be needed a screwdriver, a clean towel or sheet, a creamy mixture of  ½ cup baking soda and 44 m.l water like before, a small to medium sized bowl, microfiber cloths, an optional razor blade and a helper in addition. Before opening the glass door a thick towel should be laid down close to the oven where you are planning to work. Unscrew the screws that has been used to hold the two glass together and carefully separate the glasses with the help of a helper and lay them next to each other. Now like indoor glass door cleaning clean the same following the same way and finally with the aid of helper reassemble and replace the oven door as before.

How to clean oven inside and bottom

An oven inside and bottom is the grimiest and greasiest part to be cleaned. You can use your desired cleaning detergent or your DIY cleaning agent mixture and wet the inside with the warm soapy cleaning agent with the help of a scrubbing foam and let it in rest for 20-30 minutes depending its neatness condition and rinse it after that and dry the wall with a dry towel. If there is the sign of grease, dirt or stain repeat the process or use any heavy duty anti grease cleaning agent, rinse and dry it thoroughly.

Now you will get your grimy and grease oven to its initial stage of shiny and tidy form like first day of your oven and thus you could answer the old saying of “care most whom you love most”.

Oven deodorizing

Usually, baking soda and vinegar have odor-neutralizing power so if you left the oven door open in a well ventilate kitchen with the kitchen door and window open and let the smell off is quite enough. But for a refreshing smell, you may think of any commercial or natural deodorizer, like, lemon, vanilla, orange, etc. flavor or lemon water baking.

First, if you don’t prefer any deodorizing scent and only wish to neutralizing the cleaning smell use a small bowl half-filled with 1:2 vinegar-water mixture and let it rest for a while to overpower the prevailing smell. Or you can fill a bowl halfway with water and add 1 tsp of baking soda into it, make it sure to empty the bowl half to give enough room for the baking soda to fizz up. These steps will hopefully neutralize your oven’s cleaning odor.

Now if you like to deodorize your oven you may get help from numerous commercial store-bought oven deodorizer. But if you think of some natural deodorizer by your own you may put lemon water to bake inside your oven for 5 minutes or may bake vanilla extract with water at 350 degrees Fahrenheit or 177 degree Celsius and bake for an hour or use different citrus capsule and bake with the same temperature for 30 minutes.

Tips, Tricks and Safety measures

Ø You may be needed to repeat the process once again if you can’t get the oven cleaned desirably at first cleaning.

Ø You are needed to clean your oven in a regular interval and a routine. Don’t think of cleaning your oven once in a blue moon when your oven is indulged into grim and grease.

Ø Add 1/8 cup (236.6 mL) of liquid dish soap into the mixture if baking soda and water alone don’t get the job done.

Ø Be sure to use rubber gloves while coating your oven with baking soda water mixture cream otherwise you may have skin irritation.

Ø If you use your oven too frequently then set a reminder to clean it monthly, but if you use hardly a few times monthly then you can plan to clean it at best every after 3-4 months.

Ø Spread some old newspapers or rags or towels close to the oven since cleaning detergent and water spillover can make the area wet and vulnerable to slip. You will also get rid of untidiness since you can throw out the paper after cleaning or wash the rags or towels separately.

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