How to cook bacon in the oven

How to cook bacon in the oven 1

Bacon, the succulent salt-cured thin strip of pork belly or back is a culinary delicacy from antiquity across the world. The fine marbled texture of fat and muscle of bacon has captivated food lovers with its beauty and taste for centuries.

Bacon’s paramount popularity has opened the scope of evolving several alternatives imitating the traditional bacon, most prominent among them is the turkey bacon followed by beef bacon, soy bacon, etc. All these are based on different meat varieties of turkey, beef, mutton, and venison, sometimes the name bacon is used to allure vegans too.

We apologize for your patience indeed for going through the gorgeous epic of bacon before knowing it’s cooking, but a knight must get our nod, isn’t it?

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How long does it take to cook bacon in the oven ?


How long to cook bacon in the oven or how long it takes to cook bacon in the oven doesn’t have any golden rule, it is subjective to a lot of variables. Considering these variables would help you understand rightly of how long it would take to cook bacon perfectly in the oven as well as in flame.

The first consideration is deciding upon the types of bacon to roast as we know there are a lot of variants in bacon types depending on the meat source, sizes and curing, they could be cured, uncured, hickory-smoked, applewood, smoked, pork bacon, beef bacon, elk or venison bacon, mutton bacon, turkey bacon, duck bacon, soy bacon, slab, Canadian or pancetta etc. etc. Again depending on cuts, some are thick while some are thin means selection has no boundary at all.

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The easiest way to clean an oven


An oven is the master appliance of the kitchen and all other appliances are its’ subject. This queen certainly deserves attention from you as you’ve conquest numerous culinary battles every day and every special day. In this conquest whenever you enjoy the smile of victory your beloved kitchen accompanies you but with exhaustion, with a torn gesture from cooking spoilages like wounds.

When you and your beloved oven is busy with heaps of baking, roasting, grilling and convection cooking loads your oven gets smudged and greasy into the bottom and all over inside with spills over of dishes, bubbling and bursting oils, slithered food particles, fossilized sugar or syrup, etc.

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How to clean an oven with ammonia


Ammonia is a colorless hydrogen and nitrogen compound gas with a characteristic of pungent smell, while household ammonia for cleaning is a 5 to 10 % concentration by weight solution of ammonia in water and is used as a general-purpose cleaner for many surfaces. Because ammonia results in a relatively streak-free shine, it is satisfactorily used in to clean glass, porcelain and stainless steel, the body part of the oven. So it is frequently used for cleaning ovens and soaking items to loosen baked-on grime.

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How to clean an oven with oven cleaner

How to cook bacon in the oven 2

Nowadays oven cleaning has a lot of ways, some oven has its self-cleaning function where others could be cleaned by DIY (do it yourself) kitchen hacks of products from the kitchen cupboard. But you may think of not convinced with self-cleaning function or DIY (do it yourself) cleaning agents, rather you may think of a store-bought cleaning agent. Store-bought oven cleaner works with agility and effectively but they most often contain inorganic chemicals which could be limitedly harmful to you in case of direct contact, but there remain many eco-friendly cleaners also. There are hundreds of cleaning agents in super shops around the world in your proximity with different price, quality, detergent chemicals, unique features, and functional & operational specialization. Today we’ll discuss over cleaning oven with oven cleaner.

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How to clean oven with lemon

How to cook bacon in the oven 3

Oven is the spirit of your kitchen. If that spirit is spoiled by some demon (grime & grease) heal that spirit by lemon. Are you thinking I’m kidding? Oh no, it’s real true, believe me. Lemon has some magical power of cleaning dirt, especially over oil and grease. The reason behind this is nothing but the chemical compound of lemon juice.

Lemon is a citrus fruit that contains citric acid, and citric acid kills bacteria, mold, and mildew, it’s great for general disinfecting and cleaning and works well over the stain. Since lemon juice contains 5% to 8% citric acid (per PubChem), their acidic pH helps dissolve grease, gunk and baked-on messes, that’s why it is too often used in green cleaning.

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How to Clean an Oven with Baking Soda and Vinegar

How to cook bacon in the oven 4

Whenever oven cleaning glimpses in our mind we ponder over with numerous options of cleaning agents, technologies, and methodologies. Each one has its advantage and disadvantage but among the DIY (Do it yourself) cleaning recipes from the kitchen cupboards cleaning by baking soda and vinegar is the simplest and most popular among all and certainly, it is highly effective with the meanest cost. A pyrolytic oven’s self-cleaning function could be stinky, health hazardous, time-consuming and resource hungry. On the other hand commercial cleaning brands from a retail store could be costly, not completely organic or mild enough to the sensitive equipment. In contrast baking, soda and vinegar recipe is the ultimate kitchen hack which is a safe, natural, pocket-friendly and effective method with no harsh chemicals and no high-heat auto-cleaning mumbo jumbo hazards and hefty expenditures.

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How to clean a self-cleaning oven

How to cook bacon in the oven 5

Way back in 1963, General Electric came up with their innovative P7 model of woven with a solution to the cleaning hassle, the self-cleaning oven. The model introduced the pyrolytic cleaning method and was a fancy name at that time. Because of this technology the oven was also called pyrolytic oven. They used extra thermodynamic controls to allow it to reach the high temperatures needed to turn the residue grime into carbonized ash by heating. This type of oven has a smooth enamel coating on the interior walls that makes it easier to remove reduced carbonized ash dirt after a high heat cycle. Pyrolytic ovens have a timed cleaning cycle, usually ranging from two to four hours. Since the process emits smoke and fumes that may provoke the smoke alarm some pyrolytic ovens have a catalytic converter in the exhaust vent to eliminate emissions.  

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How to clean an oven quickly

How to cook bacon in the oven 6

Among all the kitchen appliances oven is the queen of all. More precisely it is the nucleus of the entire cooking process of the kitchen and the rest buddies of gadgets & appliances are the instruments of your orchestra where you tune your culinary symphony. You and your oven spend hours together in preparing tons of cooking loads of baking, roasting, grilling and so on for you and your family round the year. While doing all these dishes your oven bottom gets grimy and greasy with spills over of dishes, bubbling and bursting oils or cheese, slipped food particles etc. This internal grease, sludgy silting and overcooked heaped up food turn into carbon and cause strong burning odor during cooking and eventually it hampers the health and quality of cooking food and augments the probability of fire hazard.

How to cook bacon in the oven 7

We know it very well that caring for our loving one strengthens the bondage between the two. This is not an exception to our beloved oven, they also expect our attention.  But do we really care for them? Hardly could we answer positive. All of us like a tidy & shiny oven but very few of us like to do the cleaning task by our own. Many find the job messy and monotonous so they try to avoid the chore. Actually most of us notice the messiness when it is flooded with hefty greases and grimes forgetting the old proverb “little drops make the mighty ocean”. The golden rule of tidy shiny oven is cleaning it lightly after everyday cooking and cleaning it thoroughly once in a week even though it sounds too tedious to you. Once you put this chore into your habit it will be not as boring as the first day.

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